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Relocating Family Discovers
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Debbie and Mark were relocating to the Denver area and thought they wanted to buy a home in a specific location. They really didn't know much about the city, or Denver-area property values.  After we met, I showed them a comparison of the difference in purchasing power for homes in the location they originally selected, versus some other similar areas.

The benefit of making that comparison, allowed Deb and Mark to discover that their money went further in several other neighborhoods - and they liked the other locations just as well.  

A few weeks after Deb and Mark closed on their home, this family has finally settled into their nice new house. They didn’t sacrifice any of their wants and needs, and actually got more than expected. That's because Deb and Mark were flexible and allowed me to 'show them around’, before getting too caught-up with any particular location.


I've built and sold many houses all over the Denver Metro Area, and enjoy helping my customers and clients get to know the various areas to consider.  Let’s see where your money goes the furthest, without trying to figure it out all on your own! 

P.S. A huge other benefit for Mark and Debbie was that their jobs are much closer to home.  Now the whole family is happier!  I'll save you lots of time, too!

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