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Moving To Denver


Moving To Denver Is A
Huge Project

Even if its just from somewhere nearby, or right here in Colorado, your move will probably bring about a certain amount of stress on everyone involved.  Let us help you minimize the hassle.   


Free Help For Your Relocation To Denver

I'd like to assist in making your move as smooth as possible.  Below, are some tips that will help your family make the transition much easier.


Moving Resources

Planning ahead should be your top priority.  Avoiding these next 5 mistakes will make your move much more reassuring, and enjoyable:

  1. You may benefit from a short-term house or apartment rental.  We can refer you to a free locator service. 
  2. Learn about the Denver real estate market before jumping into a home purchase.
  3. Organize your family's participation before the move with these great tips that'll get everyone on board when moving with children and your teens.
  4. Moving can be very stressful on your family pets, so here is some advice for moving your pets.
  5. Make some cost-of-living comparisons before accepting any job in Denver, or in any of Colorado's many Front Range communities.
  6. Create an inventory of your belongings for insurance purposes, by making a quick video of everything.
  7. Record your moving expenses for tax purposes.
  8. Get a FREE Denver Relocation Kit, below:


Get A Mile High Relocation Kit - FREE For Our Clients!

We'd like to be your ambassador when moving to denver and the Mile-High City.  Here are some of the many benefits we offer to our relocating clients:

  • Cost Of Living Comparisons
  • 150 Page Moving To Denver Guide (neighborhoods, events, area photos, more)
  • Newest Real Estate Listings, Prices, and Availability
  • Area Maps
  • Neighborhood Reports & Demographics
  • Choice School Reports
  • Denver Area Maps & Visitors Guides
  • Apartment Or Home Rental Information
  • Change Of Address Cards
  • Street Guides
  • Housing Magazines
  • Recreation & Cultural Attractions
  • More


Call Us Before Making Any Decisions - At (303) 514-4000

Allow us to help you with your relocation to Denver.  Call Mike at (303) 514-4000.  The sooner you do, the quicker the whole process of Moving to Denver will be.  We're conveniently located just 5 minutes from the Denver Tech Center: Office and MAP.  See About Us.

Moving To Denver Video


Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
Call today, (303) 514-4000, for help with your home sale or purchase.

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