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Will My Home Sell?

How Long Is My House On The Market
Before It Sells?


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Some houses sell quickly, and right after the sign is placed in the yard.  Other houses just linger for what seems to be forever.  Why is there such an imbalance?  And when will my home sell?

Average Time On The Market

Even some of the most desirable homes encounter delays before they find the right buyer.  The average time-on-the-market varies depending on condition, location, neighborhood, price, style, and most importantly, demand.

A Professional Evaluation 

If you've not yet put your house on the market, we'll show you what and 'what not' to do.  If you've already had your house on the market and it did not get much serious interest, we can give you valuable insight about why not.  In either case, our analysis will tell you how long a home like yours will realistically take to get sold.  

Preparation Makes A Difference

We thoroughly discuss how you can prepare to outshine other homes on the market, and give you everything you need to do to be the most competitive possible. 

Free Market Analysis

If you plan to sell your home sold within the next few months, allow us to provide you with a FREE market analysis that analyzes everything you want to know.  From the local real estate market, to your interior and exterior repairs, to the competition.  Then, you will know what action to take to get your home sold on-time!  

Been On The Market Before

Don't just throw your house back on the market.  Avoid repeat mistakes, or mistakes others have made for you. 



Call Mike @ (303) 514-4000 to quickly schedule your free and complimentary market analysis.  Do it today!

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Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
Call today, (303) 514-4000, for help with your home sale or purchase.

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