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HUD Homes - $100 Down

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  HUD has announced that they have discontinued the $100-down program for 2013-2014.  Call for info on current opportunities with HUD Homes.


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Purchase HUD Homes Without Much Cash

HUD homes may be purchased for only $100 down by successful bidders making a full price offer on the property.  Under this special program, FHA's standard down payment requirement of 3.5% is waived. This program also has no income restrictions, and can be used in combination with down payment assistance grants, too!  HUD even provides the FREE appraisal.  Read on to discover more about buying HUD Homes $100 Down.

A Few New Rules

To be eligible for this $100-down program, the buyer must use FHA financing and the loan cannot exceed the 'appraised value' of the property.

A Huge Benefit For Owner-Occupants

This special $100 down deal is available exclusively to bidders who will be owner-occupants.  If you plan on living in your next home as a primary residence, you'll also get priority status and the first chance to buy, before any investors do.  This special $100 down offer also applies to owner-occupant purchasers who obtain FHA Home Repair loans.

Bidding On A HUD Home

Buyers must use a broker or agent who is registered with HUD to submit a bid on a property.  Because we've sold numerous HUD properties and know the system in and out, we can help you discover if a HUD Home is right for you with our special article entitled "Everything You Need To Know About Successfully Buying A HUD Home." 

What You'll Need To Know

● Placing A Successful Bid
● Bidding Strategies
● Bidding for Investors
● Daily Bid Reviews
● Back-up Offers
● Counter Offers
● Over-Bidding with FHA Financing
● Repairs and Improvements
● And, MORE

Get Your Complimentary Copy

Learn all the details about successfully buying a home for $100 down, with a special article we've prepared entitled "HUD Homes $100 Down."   To get your FREE copy, simply fill out the easy form below.  Then remember to check your email.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  HUD has announced that they have discontinued the $100-down program for 2013-2014.  Call for information about other opportunities with HUD.

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