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Tax Advantages Of Owning A Home

These Tax Breaks
Lower Your Housing Costs


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There isn't anything like the feeling of comfort and security that comes with the purchase of a home.  It's unlike anything else that we can buy!  With all of the Tax Advantages Of Owning A Home, there are many more benefits you'll experience beyond the pride and comfort of living in your own home. 

Tax Deductions = More Money

Most first-time buyers are unaware of the huge tax breaks derived from owning a home.  With these breaks, the cost of owning a home is less than you'd think, and that can make renting outright stupid!

Home Ownership Is Subsidized

Silly as it sounds, the government is actually subsidizing a portion of your home purchase with it's preferential tax treatment.  Why do they do this?  Because its been a long-standing national agenda to encourage the financial independence of U.S. citizens through their participation in home ownership. 

A Stable Mortgage Payment Vs Rising Rents

In uncertain economic times, a home purchase can guarantee reliable monthly housing costs.  Rent, on the other hand, will likely continue to rise with inflation over an extended period of time.    

10 Tax Breaks For Homeowners

To discover all of the favorable tax breaks you'll gain by owning a home instead of renting, we've prepared a special article entitled "Tax Advantages Of Owning A Home - The Best Tax Shelter."  Be sure to get your FREE copy simply by filling out the easy form below.  Remember to check your email.

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