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Avoid Foreclosure
With 9 Potential Solutions

foreclosure consequences

Foreclosure affects a lot of homeowners in this economy.  Many good and hard working people are in a situation that causes them not to be able to continue paying their mortgage.  They may eventually lose their home to foreclosure.  If you're concerned about your financial ability to remain in your home without some form of debt relief, you should call me today.  I can provide you with 'no cost' advice that may help you avoid foreclosure.


Foreclosure Affects Many

With the recent housing crisis still affecting many folks, scores of homeowners continue to have trouble keeping up with their monthly payments.  Many distressed homeowners believe that foreclosure is just a matter of time.  Few of them know the options and alternatives available.

Alternatives To Foreclosure

Homeowners are always surprised to discover that foreclosure is not their only option.  Fortunately, there are at least 9 other alternatives that can help many homeowners avoid foreclosure and save their home.  I've prepared an article about the alternatives and solutions called "Alternatives To Avoiding Foreclosure - And Saving Your Home." If you'd like a copy, just call Mike at (303) 514-4000.  You can also simply send the easy form, below.  I'll send a 'foreclosure timetable' explaining or showing you the whole foreclosure process under current Colorado law.


Is Imminent Foreclosure 

Don't wait until you have no options left. 



  • Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams that charge a fee, because Help Is Free!
  • Recognize and avoid common foreclosure scams.  Scam artists target struggling homeowners.  
  • Beware of anyone who asks you to pay a fee in exchange for a foreclosure counseling service.
  • Beware of people who pressure you to sign papers immediately.
  • Beware of those who say they can “save” your home from foreclosure, if you transfer over the deed.
  • Never make a mortgage payment to anyone other than your mortgage company.
  • Never deed your property to anyone unless you are working directly with your mortgage company to forgive your debt.

Save Your Home And Avoid Foreclosure!

Call Mike at (303) 514-4000

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Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
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