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Are Bank Owned Homes Worth Buying?

Bank Owned Homes Can Be A Great Investment


bank owned homes

Bank owned homes are acquired by the banks through foreclosure proceedings.  Because the banks are not in the business of holding onto this real estate, they usually try to sell these bank owned homes as soon as possible. 

Buy Below Market

When you purchase a bank owned home, you'll discover that many of these homes are sold below market value.  When the sale closes you stand to gain some 'instant equity' in the property, and in some cases that amount can be considerable.


Some Bank Owned Homes Are In Terrible Shape

Quite a number of bank owned homes have significant problems and come with years of deferred maintenance though.  Some have serious structural problems, too.  Oftentimes, the cost of repairing the worst of these houses exceeds the price you will pay.  Knowing what to look for when evaluating any bank owned home is extremely important.

Finding The 'Best' Bank Owned Homes

We can help you find bank owned homes that make wise investments.  Our clients receive a daily list of all bank owned homes that come to market.  Because we sort these properties by location, price, and features, we can help you evaluate each bank owned home for those that have potential.  This saves you a lot of effort searching online, and trying to locate bank owned homes on your own.  Our service is no-cost and no-obligatiin to our clients, and that gives you a huge peace-of-mind.

View Bank Owned Homes Today

Let us show you some of our best Bank Owned Homes.  Just call Mike at (303) 514-4000, or simply send the easy form below.  We'll help you get started.


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