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Short Sale Information

Is A Short Sale The Right Solution For You?


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A Short Sale may help many homeowners avoid the more serious consequences of foreclosure.  Short sales are often the preferred method for distressed homeowners to avoid much greater credit and financial ruin.  If a short sale sounds like it might help you, then read on.


A Short Sale Is Far Less Damaging On Your Credit

A Short Sale may be your best option to prevent a foreclosure, and it can also be far less damaging to your credit.  Here are some of the specific credit advantages of a Short Sale versus Foreclosure.

Daily Appointments

I offer daily personal appointments to help clarify the short sale information you need.  Simply provide your name and address to schedule a convenient time to visit.


What Can I Expect?

All your questions will be answered about the benefits of a Short Sale, versus foreclosure.  We will explain the hardship test, and provide you with valuable short sale information to begin talking with your lender about.  We'll answer all of your questions, and help you determine if a short sale fits your unique situation.


How Long Does A Short Sale Take?

From the comfort of your own home and in less than an hour, you can have all of your short sale questions answered.  Final qualification will be up to your mortgage lender.


Act Now - If You're Behind On Payments

Losing your home to foreclosure is devastating.  If you discover your short sale options now, you may be able to avoid the more serious financial consequences of a foreclosure.  Don't go another day without seeking this helpful short sale information and advice.

Contact About Short Sale Solutions

Personal appointments are available weekdays, evenings, and weekends.  Call Mike today at (303) 514-4000, or just fill out the easy form below, to arrange an appointment.  Consultations are free and provided as a courtesy to distressed homeowners.



We never ask for any fees to be paid up-front.  If we are unable to assist you in selling your home or property, we will not charge a brokerage fee.  We are not associated with the government, and our professional real estate services are not endorsed by either the government or your lender.

  • Beware of anyone who asks you to pay a fee in exchange for a counseling service.
  • Beware of those who say they can “save” your home if you transfer over the deed.
  • Your lender may not agree to a Short Sale, or to modify the terms of your loan.
  • Recognize and avoid common short sale scams.  Scam artists target struggling homeowners. 
  • If any company tells you to stop paying your mortgage, they must also tell you that you could lose your home and damage your credit rating.

Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
Call today, (303) 514-4000, for help with your home sale or purchase.

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