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If you plan to sell your home soon, my FREE Comparable Market Analysis will accurately tell you what your home is worth.  And I'll even provide you with a suggested list or selling price.

Online House Values Are Not Accurate

With the explosion of instant house values on the internet, some homeowners assume that they can obtain reliable automated house values online.   Not true!  There is currently no accurate house value calculator available on the internet.  Zero of the automated or instant house value guess-timators can accurately determine the value of any house - period!!   Only a professionally hand-prepared house values report or professional 'market analysis' can give you truthful and reliable information.


The Only "Accurate" Method Of House Valuation

A hand-prepared "comparative market analysis", performed by a licensed real estate professional, is the only correct and precise method available.  


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No Guessing

Gone are the days of loose money and unregulated financing.  Back in those days, it wasn't uncommon to hear a banker tell you not to worry about knowing the real value of your house for the home equity loan.  Heck, if they doubted what you said your house value was, they'd just arrange a drive-by, take a few quick photos, and convince their bank to make the loan.  That was how many sham appraisals were done, which led us into near depression.


Accurate Appraisals Are More Important Than Ever

Because the lending industry has bolted away from the loose standards of the past, it's now more important than ever to know exactly what the value of a house is.   


house values report

Get Your Free & Professionally Prepared Market Report

If you're thinking about selling your house sometime soon, I'll be happy to provide you with a FREE Market Analysis Report, that includes a personal visit to your home.  My complimentary report will provide you with a recommended listing price, too.


Free "House Values" Professional Market Analysis
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