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Home Staging Ideas & Free Staging Guide

Stage Your Home - And Profit!


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With the right home-staging appointments, your "staged" home can transform an ordinary house into a buyer's "house of dreams."  The right staging ideas will also provide an added benefit of helping buyers see "the value in your price", too!  If that's not enough to convince you about all the benefits of 'staging', then read more about my Home Staging Ideas, below.

What Is Staging?

'Staging' is to the interior of a home is what "curb appeal", is to the exterior.  It simply causes many buyers to become emotionally attached to the house during their viewing.  Polishing and accessorizing a home is important so that your house feels similar to a builder's model home.  In a nutshell, that's what home staging is all about.

Is Home Staging Really That Important?

The most notable benefits of properly staged homes are the increased buyer interest in that property, and the higher level of serious prospects to buy that house.  This typically results in a much faster sale. 

Staging Vs Decorating

Home staging is different than decorating, and one cannot be compared to the other.  Professional decorators attempt to satisfy a homeowner’s personal tastes.  But with staging, the seller simply attempts to create an atmosphere that stimulates strong emotions from buyers, when they enter the front door.  This leaves many buyers with lasting impressions that motivates them to want to live in your home!  

Unstaged Homes & Price Reductions

For many homes that never get staged, sellers have fewer options to motivate buyers, without making unwanted price adjustments.  This is absolutely true in markets where the supply outstrips demand.  

The Results Are Proven

In industry surveys of thousands of real estate agents, a majority of real estate agents confirmed that by making a nominal expense into staging a home, those sellers realized an average increase in sales price of over $5,000.  And in many of those instances, the increase in sales price was much greater than the cost of the staging.  The most important truth though is that the sellers also achieved their goals of selling quickly, and did it much sooner than their competition.

Free Home Staging Ideas & Guide

To help you stage and profit, I've put together the 'best staging ideas' in one informative guide entitled "Home Staging Ideas - Earn More & Sell Fast."  To get a copy of this helpful free staging guide, just call Mike at (303) 514-4000. You can also simply fill out the easy form, below.

Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
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