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Why Your Home Didn't Sell

Don't Allow This Temporary Setback To Upset Your Goals

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If you're having a problem selling your home, there are a number of things to evaluate that'll help you determine Why Your Home Didn't Sell.  Below, are some of the chief reasons why homes don't sell.

Potential Reasons

  • The real estate market has changed, and the home is no longer competitive. 
  • There are too many properties for sale in the area.
  • Trying to sell at the wrong time of year.
  • Improper staging and presentation as compared to the competition.
  • The pricing strategy (or pricing data relied upon) is erroneous.
  • Selection of an inexperienced agent, or the 'cheapest' agent, who got results that were predictable.
  • Agent failed to evaluate the market, over-stated the true value.
  • Utilizing a poor or ineffective marketing plan for the type of property.
  • Seller doesn't get the home ready for showings, or fails to accommodate showings when requested.
  • Too many fix-ups or repairs that haven't yet been made.
  • Earnest money deposit requirements are too high, or unrealistic.
  • Poor photos, virtual tours, and property descriptions that leave nothing to excite buyers.
  • Lack of bargaining incentives for target market.
  • Seller easily angered or offended by prospective buyers who make offers.
  • Property hasn't been on the market long enough (for the time of year), or not on the market long enough (compared to comparable properties). 
  • Sellers too casual about their home's appearance and showing condition.  Not serious enough about presenting the home in its best light.
  • Pets and odors prevent serious consideration by buyers (diapers, garbage, food, smoke, must).
  • Unsightly neighborhood distractions are preventing the sale.
  • Homeowners Association defects are preventing a sale.
  • Lack of quality feedback by agent which fails to adequately reveal true buyer objections and property weaknesses.
  • Various other issues (to be determined upon professional evaluation).

Assumptions Lead To Frustration

Without a proper analysis of all these potential issues by an experienced agent, it's very easy for a homeseller to make the wrong assumptions. 

Don't Repeat Mistakes

Rather than immediately engaging just any other real estate agent to jump right in the fray and lead you down the same path, we've got a better idea.  Take advantage of our complimentary "Why Your Home Didn't Sell Evaluation", which is specifically designed to determine what and where the real issues are.  

Request A Free Evaluation Today

Our Why Your Home Didn't Sell Evaluation is FREE and without obligation.  By giving you the information that our analysis will determine, you'll feel much more confident about getting back in the market, and on the right track to realize those goals.  Simply fill out the easy form below, and we'll arrange a personal visit.

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