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The New Home Sales Trap

Builders Use All Sorts Of Gimmicks 
To Manipulate Buyers


new home sales trap

When home shoppers visit new home communities, the emotions are high and they're excited about finding their dream home.  The excitement leads to what is known as the new home sales trap.  Those emotions set the stage for a builder's sales team to capitalize on the thrill and enthusiasm, and many buyers wind up paying more than they should.  


Exploiting Your Emotions

Once you are shown the sizzle inside the model homes, the builder has already begun to work on your impulsiveness.  For many new home buyers, this is where intelligent reasoning often becomes compromised when visiting new home communities.


Overspending The Budget

Home builders work hard to deploy a variety of emotional strategies, and to steer home shoppers into selecting certain lots or houses that the builder wants to "move."   In many instances, marginal and poor choices are made by these home buyers.  What's even worse is that many new home shoppers wind-up selecting features and options that simply cost too much, and more than those extras are worth.


Go Prepared

Because I have years of experience working with the sale and construction of many hundreds of new homes, I can tell you how many buyers fall prey to these new home builder sales tactics.  You should be on the lookout for all of the tricks and traps - before entering any model home community.


Let Me Assist You

I've been hired by hundreds of new home buying clients over the years.  I can assist you, too.  Home finding and negotiating services are no-cost to my home buyers.  Just call Mike @ (303) 514-4000 to schedule an appointment today!  


The New Home Builder Sales Trap - Video




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