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Price Your Home To Sell

Improper Pricing Will Cause You To Lose Money


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Most home sellers attempt to price their home for the greatest profit possible.  Wise sellers though, are keenly aware of avoiding pricing mistakes that'll cause them to lose money.  They know not to put themselves in that position. 

Pricing Your Home To Sell is more about finding that perfect price that'll generate strong offers from multiple buyers, and that will also insure a quick and guaranteed home sale.   

3 Factors Of A Properly Priced Home

Pricing a home correctly requires more than just finding out 'what the highest price was on a comparable home in the neighborhood', Proper pricing takes into account three very important factors:  1) Market dynamics; 2) Opportunity loss; 3) Holding costs.  All three are just as important to proper pricing, as is reviewing the data from neighboring home sales.  Unfortunately, most real estate agents fail to discuss all of these important pricing factors, which should be part of any home selling strategy.

Pricing To Sell

Your goal should be - to sell in the least amount of time, but with the highest "net price."  When presented with all of the facts, this is what most sellers will choose.  Therefore, pricing your home to sell, must revolve around a discussion of net price, plain and simple.

Exaggerated Pricing

Different real estate agents will show you a variety of pricing recommendations, but only you can set the price.  Resist the sky-high pricing pitches that some real estate agents will use to get your listing.  Important Rule:  Don't list your home with the agent who suggests they will get you a higher price than everyone else in the market.  Its not likely they'll even come close to delivering on that pitch, unless they will guarantee "in writing" to buy your home for that price!  Otherwise, you'll just be spinning your wheels with them, and wasting valuable marketing time.

Net More With This Formula

When you realize the power of 'net pricing' by weighing the 3 factors mentioned above, the shift for many sellers allows them to attract the maximum number of motivated buyers.  It also prevents them from losing more money than necessary.  So, don't be fixated on price alone!

Honest Truth

If you want to price your home to sell for the most money and with the least stress, I've prepared a special article entitled "What You Don't Know About Pricing-  That'll Net You More."  This valuable insight will help you achieve the most successful sale.  

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