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Smart Buyers Don't Overpay!

Use Our 12-Point Market Intelligence Report And Save

In addition to the innovative technologies we use to help you find a great home, we have now implemented a 12-Point Market Intelligence Report that'll help you buy a home at a more competitive price!  Smart Buyers Don't Overpay with this valuable information.

Know What The Seller Knows, And More

Before you negotiate for a home, we'll uncover powerful information to give you an advantage in those negotiations.  Before making the offer, our intelligence will provide you specific information about the sellers' efforts to sell their property, a history of sales, and a determination of the seller's motivations, if determinable. 

Our Exclusive 12-Point Market Intelligence Will Include:

(1) The prior sale dates of the property.
(2) What the seller paid, and how much is owing against the property.
(3) How long the property been on the market, including various status changes.
(4) Any determinable motivations or objectives of the owners.
(5) All price reductions, incentives, and property inclusions.
(6) The prices of comparable and competing homes, and more!

Get A Professional Analysis

Because we compile all of this information ahead of any offer you'd like to make, you'll understand how aggressive you should be during price and contract negotiations.  We'll also include our own professional assessment of value using an extensive property analysis, that'll show you what you should pay for the property, and how to go about getting the best deal from that particular seller. 

Remove The Anxiety

With our complete 12-Point Market Intelligence Report, you can assure yourself of buying that property at the best possible price and terms, while maximizing your investment potential.  You'll negotiate from a much stronger position, and you'll know how to get the best deal possible.

Get A Market Intelligence Report Today

If you've had your eye on a specific property and would like some help well before an offer is made and negotiations begin, request a copy of our special article "Smart Buyers Don't Overpay With Our 12-Point Market Intelligence Report", available for most homes and properties.  To get your FREE copy, simply fill out the easy form below.  Then, be sure to check your email.

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