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A superbly intelligent book about financial decision making, and a New York Times Best Seller.  We're so moved by this authors advice, that we provide this Free Book For Home Buyers who attend our weekly workshops.

Where Does Your Money Go

Ever wonder where your money should be going? How to optimize your savings? Or, how to avoid investing in products that are designed to make money for the financial industry - rather than for you? 

Know The Traps

Every day we make choices and create habits about our personal finance— banking, saving, budgeting, investing, and wealth-building.  In this new money book, the author explains how to master your finances with little effort, including how to automate your cash flow, negotiate a raise, manage loans, and beat the banks and credit card companies at their own game, by practicing conscious spending.

See Results Quickly

This simple book shows how you don't even have to be too smart to create wealth.  In fact, by using the author's trial six-week program to financial independence, you'll thrive in good times and bad.  You can even start the program with any amount of money.  And, if you do just 85 percent of what the author suggests, you'll succeed brilliantly. 

Numerous Others Have Succeeded

Sethi, is growing significant influence in the world of personal finance, and he speaks regularly at companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, and Intel. Every month, tens of thousands discover the path to financial freedom through the use of his services. Many, say the author’s advice is worth its weight in gold.

Home Buyers Get This Free Book

To get your Free Book For Home Buyers, simply attend one of our weekly workshops.  Or, you can arrange a convenient time to fit your busy schedule, 7 days a week.  Just use the easy form below to request a time to visit.  Please indicate your preferred date and time in the comments area.

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