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Lease To Own - Why Not?


Don't Just Rent
Buy A Home From The Landlord Instead


UPDATED:  Due to the current low housing inventory in the Denver market, lease-to-own properties are very difficult to find and ARE NOT A VIABLE OPTION RIGHT NOW.  Property owners are requiring very large down-payments to secure the lease option, which defeats the purpose of doing a lease option.  For these reasons, we do not currently recommend a lease-to-own, until such time as the market improves for home buyers.  If I can help you with a different type of home purchase or investment, call me directly at (303) 514-4000.


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You can actually buy a home while you are renting!  Here's a brief explanation of how it works:  You the tenant, and a homeowner who agrees to sell with "lease-option" terms, enter into an contractural agreement that gives you the 'right to purchase' that home during an extended lease period (typically 1 -3 years).  While the actual terms of the agreement can vary, this is a typical scenario of how the Lease-To-Own option works.  


Reasons To Consider A Lease-To-Own

If you have lost a home or have other credit issues, or you just can't assemble a down payment in a short period of time, the lease option may work for you.  Here are the primary reasons why you'd want to consider entering into a Lease Option with any seller:

  • Buyer needs time to resolve credit issues, but needs a home now.
  • Buyer needs more time to save up a down payment.
  • Buyer doesn't want to move right away after their lease expires. 
  • Buyer wants to lock-in a good price while the market is down.


New To The Area?

Perhaps you also just want to make sure that your new job is really right, or that you feel comfortable with the area, before jumping into a home purchase.  Under all these circumstances, lease-options make sense. 


Try Before You Buy

With Lease-To-Own purchases, buyers are essentially getting to try before they buy!  So, it doesn't matter which side of the lease you're on.  If this idea of renting to own can satisfy your housing needs as a buyer, or your home selling goals as a seller, then it has positive benefits that is worth considering.  To find out more, call Mike at (303) 514-4000 to discuss your needs.

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