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Free Access to Credit Scores

Oct 02, 2010

Free FICO Credit ScoreColorado Senator Mark Udall is working on a bill which proposes free access by consumers to their own credit scores. This is great news, and we ask everyone to support it.

Regardless of your political persuasion
, it's clear that the financial services industry is increasingly using "consumer data" to create a variety of profiles and new "scoring" products about consumers.  Many of these products are, quite simply, designed to assist that industry to raise the cost- of-living for everyone.


Some of these new and creative scoring profiles lack relevance, and are only being used to increase profit margins.  An good examplof this is the current abuse by the insurance industry to use profiles to raise insurance premiums.  These profiles will continue to be be used in ways that will only increase the hardship on consumers, who're among the least financially well off.

Please let Mr Udall know that you support his efforts to legislate FREE ACCESS to credit scores, and to help support legislation to prevent abuses by those who control our financial information and data.


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