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Sellers' Fixer-Upper Nightmare

How We Helped This Nice Owner
Out Of A Bad Situation


dump houseDan and Susan are a hardworking couple who used to live in a small, run-down home on a 1/2 acre near Lakewood and Golden. They never seriously thought that they'd be able to move-up to a better property, but that didn't stop them from thinking about it.  

Their rickety 70-year old home needed a lot of repair.  It was actually in such bad shape that the long-term maintenance was now becoming a nuisance.  The repairs were a huge drain on their monthly budget.  As the fix-ups grew, something had to be done before the house fell apart.

Susan got my number from a mutual friend of ours, and called one afternoon.  She was in the middle of an anxiety attack over the list of house repairs they needed to do.  Susan wanted some advice whether they had any realistic options of buying a replacement home - before things got worse.  We arranged a time to visit and I soon discovered that getting their house sold wasn't going to be easy.  Because Susan and Dan were so committed to making this happen, I prepared a plan to help them get their house on the market, with hopes of selling it.      

Soon we received an offer (really!), but that deal soon crashed.  As you might have guessed, there were too many home inspection issues for the buyer.  This made Dan and Susan feel jinxed.  They just felt that nothing ever would go right for them.  Despite the hopelessness, they managed to pick themselves up and get busy finding another buyer.  After awhile another offer came in.  It now turns out that this buyer is far more interested in the location and lot (they sit on a 1/2 acre) than the house itself, and he was quite the handyman too.  The house worked for this buyer, and things began looking up!

a homeowners storyWithin a week we found a perfect replacement home for Susan and Dan, which was far nicer than anything they had ever dreamt of owning.  In short order, both sales closed and they are now settled into their "dream home." 

When I call Susan to see how things are going, they're just spending all their free time making the new house a home.  No more fixin.


If you know someone who sounds a little like Dan and Susan, I'd like to talk to them.  I always prefer to invest my time with someone you know.  Your referrals are appreciated!

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