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Don't Gamble When Choosing A
Real Estate Agency 

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I know some very skilled real estate competitors who deliver outstanding results for their home selling clients.  If you just happen to select one of my top competitors, you'll be in very capable hands.  Their experience and professionalism combined does not disappoint.  That said, let me tell you why I can do better, and why you shouldn't gamble when choosing a real estate agency!

My Team Can Do More

While I admire and appreciate my toughest competitors, you'll appreciate that my marketing and real estate services are the most comprehensive available. 


Any Real Estate Agency Can List Your House

Before you select a real estate agency to list your house, it's important to know that not every home gets sold for the price or terms it deserves.  In a balanced market (equal number of buyers vs sellers) or a buyers market (more sellers than buyers), fewer than half of the homes listed are actually sold.  This may surprise, but its true.  How often have you seen for-sale signs that never seem to come down? 


Many Agents Will Jump To "List" Your Property

Although there are many real estate agents to choose from, most are not right for you.  The majority of real estate agents may have good intentions, but most lack the marketing systems to get the job done right.  Getting a home sold for top dollar and the right terms, requires more than what most real estate agents are able to deliver.


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"Local Neighborhood" Real Estate Agencies

When a seller decides to list their property, some sellers believe they'll sell the house no matter who the agent is.  Many sellers just call the agent who's on the refrigerator magnet.  Predictably, those sellers become frustrated when their property lingers on the market, or gets less than the desired results. 


Expansive Marketing Brings More Qualified Buyers

Although all real estate agencies use the same MLS system, the MLS system does not "sell" your home.  What does get homes sold for the best terms, are the real estate agencies that have invested in superior marketing resources, and who use advanced technology to deliver a broader audience for their listings.


Few Real Estate Agencies Have The Right Tools

Getting a home sold for top dollar and terms, is in direct correlation to the marketing and networking of the real estate agent you choose.  Average efforts get only average or less, results.


Any Real Estate Agent Can Get Lucky

If your home is simply perfect; you’ve priced the house below market; and, the economy is very strong; you can always list your home with just about anyone.  But, why would you do that or even take that chance? 


Don't Rely On Luck Alone

Don't gamble with the sale of your largest asset.  Call Mike @ (303) 514-4000. I'd love to show you what I can do to get you top dollar for your home!

Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
Call today, (303) 514-4000, for help with your home sale or purchase.

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