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School Reports - Know About The Best Denver-Area Schools

Making The Right Choice Of Schools
Will Affect Your Child's Success


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Give your children all the opportunity they need to be successful.  Get valuable information about individual schools throughout the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area, with our FREE School Reports (available as a value-added service to our clients). 

More Than Test Scores

Discover each school's academic and testing performance... including safety and disciplinary incidents, student/teacher ratios, teacher qualifications, and even how taxpayer dollars are used.  Our easy-view school reports also contain the most detailed information about hundreds of schools, from kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Here's The Short List Of What's Included

  • Number of Student
  • Number of Teachers 
  • Course offerings
  • Safety & School Environment
  • Student Attendance
  • Academic Performance & Growth
  • Proficiency By Subject
  • Performance Comparison To Other Schools
  • Student/Teacher Ratios
  • Pupil/Counselor ratios
  • School demographics and composition
  • % Graduates and Post Secondary Education
  • Public schools in area
  • Private schools in area
  • Colleges and Universities in the area (including tuition and institutional links)
  • Teacher Background & Experience
  • Expenditures per pupil 
  • School & District Websites
  • District Source Of Funds
  • District Taxpayer Report
  • School & District Contact Information

Get A Special Bonus

We're happy to provide the following extras when we're touring homes and properties:

  1. Complete listings of the John Irwin Award winning schools.
  2. A comparison of schools serving any particular house address, to those schools serving a different house address (public schools). 

Order Your School Reports Here

school district reportsThese incredible school reports allow you to compare different neighborhoods and make sure you're children are receiving the best education possible.  So give your children the edge they deserve.  Request Your Choice Of A Variety Of School Reports - FREE For Our Clients!  If you're not a client yet, but would like to know more about how we can help you, just call Mike at (303) 514-4000.

Our clients may choose school reports available for various Denver-Area School Districts.  Submit the easy form below and indicate which school(s) you're interested in.

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