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A Free Credit Score - Without Paying For Monthly Monitoring


Get Your FREE Credit Score - Whenever You Need It



Wish you could access your credit score freely & anytime you want, without having to pay for it? Credit Karma offers a free service that you may have heard about recently. They provide your credit 'score' for free, and without having to pay for a monthly monitoring service.

How it works: Credit Karma obtains your credit score through the Transunion Credit Bureau. The score is not the FICO Score version.  It's Transunion's own proprietary credit score called the "TransRisk Score.  Credit Karma provides users with this score and two others.  The  "VantageScore" and "Auto Insurance Score."


For most people who aren't in the market for a loan, but who just want to know which way their credit score is moving, Credit Karma should serve you well.  The most important thing to remember is that your Credit Karma credit score is a close approximation of the FICO score.  When you keep that in mind, you shouldn't be disappointed with their free service.

Is there any catch to using Credit Karma?  Sure.. there's always a catch.  You'll probably be solicited for some free offers through your email, so just be selective which email address you provide them.  Credit Karma may not be for eveyone, but it appears to be helpful to many others who use it.  For more about this free credit score service, here's Clark Howard's take that you may find helpful.  Read Credit Karma's privacy policy and all all the FAQ's.

Check it out and begin accessing your free credit score today!

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