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Improve Your Credit Score

Credit Score "Optimization"
Can Raise Your Score
And Keep It There



       Did you know that..

  • Some credit card companies do not report your maximum credit limits, which makes it appear as if your credit card balance is always maxed out!
  • Paying your credit card bill in separate, smaller amounts, each month, can actually improve your credit!
  • Spreading out your monthly charges among multiple credit cards, is better than putting all of your charges on one single card, even if you pay it off in full every month!
  • Your score is probably going to be different from one credit bureau to another, simply because each credit bureau uses different algorithms to calculate your score!
  • A credit score obtained for a mortgage loan, will typically be lower than the score you'll get when you check your score through a credit bureau!
  • Your creditors can sometimes be asked to "recode" your loans or credit lines, so that your scores will improve.


Advertising Pitches - That Won't Improve Your Credit

You've probably heard those credit repair pitches on the internet that say they'll remove bad stuff from your credit report - never to be seen again.  Some of those companies simply take your money, but leave you in no better shape than you were - before you hired them


Credit Repair Is A Legitimate Service

Aside from a few bad apples though, reputable credit repair companies do exist.  A credit optimization company can really help you improve your credit score. 

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Credit Optimization - What Is It?

Credit optimization helps by permanently improving a consumer's credit score.  The optimizer fully evaluates a borrowers credit history and identifies poor credit habits, and disputable items on the credit report.


How Can Credit Optimization Help Me?

When you hire a credit professional, your monthly payment amounts and payment schedules are evaluated and modifed (with your consent), so you can improve how that data corresponds to the scoring systems of the credit bureaus.  Most borrowers discover how to better use their credit accounts, which helps them save money every month.  If you use personal credit to operate a small business, credit optimization can become even more valuable, because it'll lower the cost of operating your business. 


Specific Benefits Of Credit Optimization

Credit optimization will improve your credit score over the long term by:

  • Removing erroneous items from your credit report through the use of "proven" dispute templates.
  • Identifying loans that should be coded differently by certain creditors.
  • Provides advice about how to properly maintain your specific credit card limits and balances.
  • You learn the difference between hard, soft, and promotional inquiries, that will impact your credit score.
  • Provides you with the latest information on scams that can be avoided.
  • The optimization company can also negotiate on your behalf, for the removal of some credit card debt.
  • Credit optimization also involves making recommendations about which credit card companies to avoid doing business with.

How Much Will My Score Rise?

A typical credit score should increase over 60 points per bureau, in just the first month alone.  Exact results will vary, but the benefits are always subject to the accuracy of the information you provide. 


What's The Cost?

The cost for this service is typically less than $200.  The service comes without any monthly or continuing fees.  After just a few weeks, you should begin to see some meaningful results.


For Individuals & Small Businesses

Credit optimization works for both individuals and businesses, and for those who rely heavily on credit as an important part of theirlives.  In today's super-competitive world, credit optimization is an important part of keeping your costs of borrowing as low as possible. 

Credit Optimization Won't Help Everyone

Credit optimization is not for everyone.  It will not help those who have credit scores below 500, because having a credit score below 500 means that that borrower-consumer has bills that are not being paid.  In this case, credit optimization does not work.  


We Can Help You Contact A Reputable Firm

We don't do credit optimization ourselves, but we can put you in touch with a reputable business who does.  We're happy to help assist you locate the right credit optimization professional.  When you do, they can provide a free consultation right over the phone.

For More Information

If you think you'd be interested in talking to a credit optimization professional, call us today at (303) 514-4000.