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Focal Points That Help Sell Your Home

How To Create Really Nice Focal Points

If your fireplace has lost some of its appeal due to an outdated look, it might be time for a makeover.  Creating a unique look can make it enticing to buyers.  Fireplaces can be eyesores or focal points in a room.  so, take a look at your fireplace and decide if it will spark buyers' interest.

"If anything is out, it is brick.  Nobody is really doing brick anymore.  It's mostly concrete or stone," says Rick Gardella, president of Concepts in Concrete Construction.

Decor Style

fireplace decor

Of course, every home decor style is subjective.  As times change, the mass appeal of certain materials fluctuates.  Gardella says concrete is now being used for many areas in the house - from indoor flooring to fireplace surrounds.  If you're thinking of giving your fireplace a facelift, Gardella says to consider these additional factors.

The Big Picture

Your fireplace should complement the rest of your home.  Be sure to consider not just the type of material you will use to cover the fireplace, but also the mantel and what you will place next to the fireplace.  Take a look at the room and see what statement you want to make with the fireplace.  For instance, a stone surround that extends up the fireplace and the entire wall to the ceiling can create a bold and rustic look.  

Two-Sided Fireplaces

This is a look that's popular and provides double the enjoyment.  It's not always practical or possible, but this feature can create appeal and warmth in multiple rooms.  Use cardboard boxes to gauge the true size of your new surrounds.  Sometimes it's difficult to determine how it will fit into your room. Experts recommend using cardboard cutouts and placing them around the existing fireplace so that you can see exactly how  much space is taken up and how the new fireplace surround will affect your living area.

Choose The Right Color

You put a splash of color up on the walls - and then realize you hate the color that you had loved so much in the store.  Let that be a lesson.  Be sure to take samples of the materials you will use for your fireplace surround.  Take them home and let them sit next to your fireplace for a few days.  Give it time to see the materials in different lighting and through your changing moods.  Taking the time to test the materials in your home will likely save you disappointment and extra cost in the future.

Straight Or Curved?

Typically, curves and more intricate designs will increase the cost of your fireplace surround.  So if budget is a concern, you might consider replacing curves in the design with straight lines and also minimizing small details.  This can be done without compromising the overall appeal.

What Should It Cost?

The price can vary considerably.  However, Gardella says, size, materials, design, and the inclusion of other decor such as hearths and mantels contribute to the overall price.  "If you're remodeling your existing fireplace you're probably gong to pay $2,500 to $5,000, he says.

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