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Jan 03, 2011

Save your home from foreclosure by using a strategy that lenders would rather you not know about.

Recent headlines have revealed significant errors by several giant mortgage lenders as they've pushed the envelope and skirted proper legal procedures, all in an effort to speed up the foreclosure processes.

Oftentimes during the foreclosure process, a lender will request that a court allow them to proceed with foreclosure, despite their inability to produce all of the required documents for this type of legal proceeding.

When challenged, the courts have held the lender accountable, and required them to produce these documents.  This can create significant delays, thereby allowing scores of delinquent homeowners to wield more negotiating leverage with their lender.

With the right knowledge, many homeowners seeking short sale assistance or loan modification may discover that their lender will now be more motivated to help them acheive a better outcome.  To learn more, follow this link to find out how you may be able to halt the foreclosure processes, and Save Your Home.

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