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Moving And Relocating With Teens

How To Safeguard Your Teenager's Emotional Health During A Move

With more families moving due to economic reasons, parents need to be extra vigilant about their teen's emotional health when contemplating their next move.  Moving and relocating with teens is a enormously stressful undertaking, and that's why its a special topic of its own.  

Moving Teens Is An Ordeal

Because parents may view moving as a necessary part of many people's lives, they may fail to recognize how significant a move can be in their teen's life. Teenagers confront a host of social and psychological issues that younger children and adults do not.

Teens Thrive On Their Social Network

Beginning in middle school, teens put a tremendous amount of time into finding just the right peer groups, as they search to define themselves. This process of reaching out and discovering how to best fit-in, consumes an inordinate amount of emotional energy.  

Consequences Of Upheaval

Moving a teen during these years of pre-adulthood, and particularly those latter years of high school, can have serious academic, social, and psychological consequences.  So, it's no surprise that teens are devastated when they hear they have to surrender their universe of friends and relationships, and begin that complex process of rebuilding their social and emotional bonds, all over again.

Balancing Family Priorities

However difficult a move may be for a teen, there are many important reasons why the needs of the family has to take priority over the needs of any one family member.  In order to help your teen make the transition as smoothly as possible though, parents should know what you can (and can't) do when faced with an imminent move.  

Assure Your Teens Success

To learn more about how to approach these complex issues with positive solutions, and to successfully plan your next move with your teen, we've prepared an special article entitled "Moving And Relocating With Teens Is Tough - Helping Your Teenager Cope." 

To receive a FREE copy, simply fill out the easy form below.  We'll respond soon, so be sure to check your email.

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