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denver home buyerShana was ready to begin house shopping, but didn't know exactly which location she preferred.  She was already qualified to buy 'more house' than she needed, but didn’t want to be house poor either.

Shana and I discussed neighborhood locations all around the Denver Metro area, from Brighton and Westminster (north), Lakewood (west), Lone Tree (south), and Aurora (east). She wasn't concerned about making a commute, as long as it meant finding the right house!  So, in exploring mode, Shana began previewing a boat-load of house listings, all across the Denver area.

It didn’t take long to spot a townhouse that caught her eye. She submitted an offer, but before the ink could dry she changed her mind. Weeks and months passed, we’d chat about something else that caught her attention, but no keepers. Shana just couldn’t pin down what she wanted. There were times that I’d collapse the search boundaries, and the next month we’d expand them again. She was bouncing all over the place from single family homes to townhomes - both high and low priced.  Nothing felt right. This ever-changing process lasted for months. Eventually Shana wore down, and she didn’t want to think about houses anymore.

first time home buyer denver coA few months later Shana got re-invigorated and was ready to jump back into the market. She’d quietly had been eyeing some houses from the listings I was sending, and had a couple in mind. One of them was a contender. After making an offer, we got the sellers' acceptance the next day. The house was a cute starter home, double garage, new fixtures and new floor coverings, just right for Shana and Max (her puppy). The seller also agreed to pay her closing costs and put on a new roof, which sweetened the whole deal.

After a few weeks of inspections and other small details to process, Shana was ready. The appraisal came in a few thousand dollars above our contract price, so she was anxious to close. Shana and Max now have a new place to call home, and they're very happy with her choice of neighborhood and location. The moral of this story is, the best neighborhood is the one she bought her house in!  And when you relax, it all falls in place.

If you know someone like Shana who wants to buy a house somewhere in the Denver Area, but doesn't quite know where they want to live, I’d like to meet them. I always prefer to invest my time with someone you know. Your referrals are always appreciated!  Thanks!

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