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Homeowner Sells House In Colorado's Fire-Risk Forested Acreage

Homeowner Sleeps Better
Not Living Amongst The Trees


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Living in the forest is a real privilege. There are many good reasons why many people won’t consider living anywhere else.  That’s why Jeri originally bought her home in the forested community near Franktown.

With Colorado's drought and wild fires in recent years though, Jeri’s been nervous about owning a home on treed acreage.  She decided it was too risky, and time to sell.

We put her home-site on the market in early April, around the time Denver’s Spring market was peaking. Everything was still snowy and wet. Jeri followed my advice and completed the checklist of repairs and staging recommendations. Because her house was now near perfect and ready to go, I found a couple of well qualified buyers willing to pay top dollar.

Keeping the dates as tight as possible, the closing was scheduled just before the first major fires of the summer. The closing happened and Jeri is now sleeping better at night.  Note:  When the fires did come, it was devastating.  On June 11, 2013, the Black Forest Fire consumed and destroyed over 500 residences. Jeri’s home in Russellville, was located just 30 minutes from the Black Forest.


So, if you know someone like Jeri who plans on selling the home soon, I’d like to meet with he or she. I prefer to invest my time with people you know and who could use my help, rather than with someone I don't know.  Your referrals are always appreciated!  Thanks!

Colorado's wild fires aside, I still enjoy helping buyers or sellers with the purchase or sale of acreage and treed home sites.  I sell property in all the popular forested locations surrounding the Denver Metro Area, including Evergreen, Larkspur, Franktown, Ponderosa Park, Conifer, Russellville, Pinery, Elizabeth, Genesee, Golden Gate Canyon, Perry Park, Boulder, Douglas County, and more, all along Colorado’s Front Range.

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