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Home Buyers Frustrated By Fast-Paced Market


denver home buyersJerry recently moved to Denver and didnt really know very much about home prices, or what you could buy for the money.  He did a little research a few years back, so his impressions were based on 2010-2011 pricing – not anything current.  When we talked price range, Jerry was floored by the increase in the cost of a house in the Denver area.
Despite that initial price shock, Jerry really wanted to buy a house for he and his gal, Samantha.  When we began to view houses, they were surprised by how quickly the market was moving and how difficult it was to see anything - before it was gone.  Almost everything they liked, sold within a day or two.
We made a few offers, but they fell flat.  It became real obvious that Jerry still had a problem with the market prices.  He just couldn't come to terms with the fact that sellers were not interested in discounting their prices for him.  Jerry’s frame-of-mind was to offer far less than asking price, hoping the seller would meet him in the middle.  Timeout. 

Even though I'll always consult with clients about their expectations before viewing homes, sometimes home buyers act differently when under pressure. 

The more homes we viewed though, the more realistic Jerry became.  In one instance, Jerry fell for a house that was over-priced, but the sellers wouldnt budge.  That offer crashed again.  We kept up the hunt and after a few offers, Jerry was getting real tired of losing out on the nicest house.  On the next house, he made a very strong offer.  I also assured the seller that Jerry's financial qualifications was stronger than most other buyers.  We also agreed to close the sale quickly, and that we wouldn't be a pain-in-the-a$$ to work with.  

In spite of all that, four other offers came in that same day – damn!!   Fortunately, the seller liked our offer best all things considered, and Jerry got the house!  Everything went smoothly through closing, and soon enough Jerry and Sam were new homeowners!


If you know someone like Jerry and Sam - who could use my help, I’d be happy to visit with them.  I prefer to invest my time with people you know who could use my help, rather than with someone I don't know.  Your referrals are appreciated!

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