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Home Selling Mistakes You Can Avoid

Avoid These Home Selling Mistakes
& Make More Money


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During my years in real estate I've noticed some common home selling mistakes being played out, time and time again.  These mistakes are always costly to the homeowner or seller who makes them, but are usually avoidable with the right 'advance' planning. 


Preparation Is Huge

Quite a number of home sellers make mistakes through a combination of poor real estate advice, and inadequate sale preparations.  Below, are examples of the most common home selling mistakes.


Some Common Mistakes

  • No marketing plan, or one that is ineffective.
  • House is not staged or prepared, prior to the initial marketing push.  
  • Pricing strategy that cannot succeed, and will cost more via holding costs.  
  • Failure to organize and use an effective online marketing campaign.
  • Poorly negotiated contract that allows the buyer to control the negotiations and increase seller risks.
  • Playing hardball on smaller issues with the most qualified buyer. 
  • Not hiring the most experienced and qualified real estate agent to represent the property listing.


Many Agents To Choose From

Sellers often choose less qualified real estate agents to market their properties, because they just don't know what to ask or what to look for.  Many unqualified agents simply revolve in and out of the real estate industry door each and every year, because this business has an extremely high turnover rate. 

Hiring less-than-experienced agents who have minimal track records, can lead to frustrating real estate experiences or failed transactions.  If a buyer does eventually reach the closing table, the seller may then realize that their sale transaction could have been a lot less stressful, and perhaps more profitable.


Experience Matters

Home sellers can avoid the types of costly mistakes described above and more, without difficulty.  To help, I've prepared a special article detailing 12 "Home Selling Mistakes" that you can avoid.  Just call Mike at (303) 514-4000 to request a free copy.  Or, you can simply send the easy form below.

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Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
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