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The Best Time To Sell Your Home

The Best Time To Sell Your Home
& Improve Your Return


home selling season

The Best Time To Sell your home varies from location, to season, to market dynamics, so pay attention to the clues.  Timing your entry into the real estate market will probably mean more money in your pocket, and there's no doubt about it!

Seasonal Fluctuations Are Predictable

Here in Colorado, the seasonal ups and downs of the home selling market are pretty constant and predictable.  From early February into May, and then again from August through October, prices tend to expand with typical increases in market activity. The opposite is also true. 

Supply And Demand Affects Prices

When fewer homes are for sale in an area or a price range, buyers are forced to make compromises.  They're also quicker to act and are eager to buy and pay more. Knowing the market dynamics in your location can oftentimes work in a sellers' favor!  


Other Variables Affecting Price

Variables in the local economy will also influence the real scene, just as much as seasonal changes do.  For instance, news about new jobs being created, or fear of interest rate increases can also cause the market to temporarily surge.  As market demand increases, so does buyer urgency.

Economic Indicators & Inventory

As a seller, if you're flexible with your timing into the market, then my advice is to pay attention to the combination of local economics and inventory. 


Timing Your Entry

In an ideal world, home sellers try to list the house for sale when inventory levels are beginning to slow or drop. This is your signal to act. 

Competition Among Home Buyers

Positioning your house sale to take advantage of increased competition among buyers, may certainly allow you to realize a better price and a more certain closing.  Buyers will create fewer conditions with their offers, and be more flexible throughout the sales transaction.


Inventory Reports Provide Market Clues

Every month, I prepare an inventory report for all local neighborhoods, which identifies which areas and neighborhoods are losing, or gaining, inventory.  My seller clients rely on these inventory reports to help us determine if its a smart time to list and sell their homes.  If you need help in determining if its a good time to sell your home, just call Mike at (303) 514-4000.  Or, simply send the easy form below for more information.

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