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Real Estate Listing Contract (& Guarantee)

Avoid Signing A Listing Contract With No Way Out

There are many real estate agents who you can hire to list your property for sale.  The vast majority all have good intentions of getting the job done.  With that said though, all of the good intentions in the world are useless when you sign a Real Estate Listing Contract with an agent who lacks the experience and the right marketing expertise. 

Many Homes Go Unsold

Many real estate listings go unsold primarily because of the lack of experience and skills of the agent.  These agents fail because of the challenging circumstances they find themselves in, which doesn't bode well for you, the trusting home seller.   

Our Listing Guarantee Gives Peace Of Mind

If maintaining control of your real estate listing is important, and you want to assure yourself that the agent you hire isn't in over his or her head, then you'll appreciate our real estate listing guarantee.  Our listing comes with a long-standing guarantee offering you the absolute right of cancellation.  There's no mandatory 6 month listing period, 9 months, 12 months, or longer.  You can cancel our listing agreement anytime!  This allows you to retain complete control of your listing...always.  Now, ask yourself, is this being done for your best interest, or ours?

Before You Sign

When selecting a real estate agent, always interview and hire from the most experienced of professionals.  Resist the pressure to hire a relative or close friend, because selling your biggest investment is serious business.  Don't short-change yourself.  You deserve to be represented by experts with a proven track record of successful sales, who won't lock-up your listing when they aren't getting results!

Insist On Expert Representation

We'll put you first with marketing expertise, our track record of sales, and our performance guarantee, combined.  So, if you are planning to list soon, just fill out the easy form below, to request a personal appointment  When you do, we'll even send you a special article entitled "The 7 Most Important Things To Know Before You Commit To A Real Estate Listing Contract Without A Guarantee."  It'll prove helpful through the entire listing process. 

For quicker service, call (303) 514-4000.

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