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My Elevator Pitch And Video Business Card

Oct 26, 2011

To those who sell a product or service:  Are you using an elevator pitch to spark interest from prospective customers?  If not, you may be losing valuable opportunities each day of the week.

An elevator pitch allows you to convey a quick, but memorable message, among the many folks you interact and converse with, daily.  Your elevator pitch isn't just for the occasional elevator ride.  It can effectively be used anywhere, in the grocery store, mall, doctor's office, professional circles, and more.

Here's my elevator pitch, and my simple approach.  When I meet someone, I know there's not much time to leave an impression, especially a lasting one.  Here's what I'll say:  "Hello, (offer to shake hands), I'm Mike.  I'm a Denver real estate expert.  I help people sell, save money, or find their dream homes."  I'll hand them my 'google business card', with my profile printed below the search box, asking them to view my 51-second video. 

elevator pitch and video business card

Before the elevator door opens, I'll repeat "it's just 51-seconds!  Have a nice day!  Your elevator pitch doesn't have to be perfect, but it should make for a friendly and memorable interaction. 


Here's My 51-Second Video Business Card



With a brief video that compliments your introduction and elevator pitch, you'll increase your chances of attracting new business!   A video business card is pretty simple to create.  I used the FREE Windows Live Movie Maker, and it didn't even require a video camera.  So, give it a try.  At the very least, you'll get your message in front of many more people, and hopefully attract new customers!



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