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March 2017 Home Price Report Denver Co

Apr 05, 2017

Average Home Price & 
Metro Denver Market Report

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Average Home Price 
& Monthly Housing Report

The Denver Metro Area housing market is carrying its positive momentum into March. Demand for homes remained strong with 2,939 homes sold, up six percent compared to last year.

Inventory remains tight, which is why sales are below actual demand. Statistics show only 3,974 new listings came to market last month, which is significantly less than at this time a year ago - a 25% decrease to be exact! At our current pace, there aren't enough listings on the market to last more than 6 weeks. Generally speaking, we need 3 times this amount to break into a healthy market.

The current round of home buyers are motivated and they're being pressed by rising prices and the prospects of higher interest rates. Rates have increased marginally over the past several months under the new administration, and we expect more increases to come. See Today's Interest Rates (below).

Till next month.

If you know of someone who needs to sell a home due to an estate, divorce, relocation, or other circumstance, please let me know. Call or email. I look forward to helping those you know, because they trust you and appreciate your referral. 

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Average Home Price, Inventory, & Days-On-The-Market Graph

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housing market graphs denver co


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