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Glenwood Hot Springs Pool Winter Getaway


Glenwood Springs
Via Amtrak Train From Denver


Colorado has the perfect winter getaway..

For those who don't necessarily ski or snowboard, but who desire to get out of town for a quick winter escape, try this:

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Heading to the Glenwood Hot Spring Pool is one of our favorite getaways during the month of February. We just hop the Amtrak California Zephyr out of Denver's Union Station for a quick jaunt up to Glenwood Springs. The train travels about 5-6 hours west of Denver, and arrives early afternoon at the Glenwood Springs Depot.

During the ride you'll enjoy some of the most gorgeous winter scenery the Rocky Mountains have to offer, all while relaxing, dining, and sight-seeing as the train winds its way up through Winter Park to Glenwood Springs. Once there, you can enjoy the pool and town of Glenwood for days on end.


Want to take-in some skiing?  You can catch the ski bus up to Sunlight, and then head back to the Hot Springs at night. The pool's open till 10pm, so there's plenty of time to swim, ski, and relax. It doesn't matter if there's cold and snow, cause the hot springs are always open. Come spend the week or weekend at the Glenwood Hot Springs pool.  For those who live in Colorado, you can travel a long distance and pay a lot more money for a relaxing getaway, but heaven's right here in your own backyard. 


There are plenty of wonderful lodging choices available within close walking distance to the hot springs pool. Email me for a list of my personal favorites.  Below, are a few family photos from a few train trips to the hot springs pool:

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