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March Gardening Tips - Colorado



Keep your yard and garden in top shape with these timely and seasonal gardening tips.


1)  Rake & cleanup yard-garden.  Remove leaves and winter debris.

2)  Prune dead limbs on needle evergreens (juniper, pine, spruce).

3)  Service lawnmower - tune, change oil, sharpen blades.

4)  Cut-back and trim your cool-season ornamental grasses.  Keep within two inches of soil.

5)  Look for crocuses, hyacinths, daffodil, and tulip shoots.  A short freeze generally won't do them damage.

6) Mulch around gardens with straw, shredded leaves, or grass clippings.  The mulch will help to retain moisture in the soil and reduce weeds.

7) Prepare gardens a month before planting with high quality compost that is stable and low in salts.


If you need a good landscape contractor or gardener, check my preferred vendors.  I can also provide you a referral from other sources like Angie's List, so call or email me anytime!

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