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Get Rid Of Those
First-Time-Home-Buyer Jitters

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Being a first time home buyer can be a bit unnerving.  There's no need to stress over it though.  All the apprehensions about buying your very first home are completely natural.  It'll go away.  I know, because I've helped quite a number of first time home buyers over the years, and truly understand the emotions that first time home buyers feel.


First Time - Means Excitement!

Because you've never done this before, you'll actually have lots of fun buying your very first home.  Eventually the whole process will feel comfortable.  Its an exciting time!


Special Needs Of First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers always need to know more than other buyers who've already bought their second or third homes, and more.  Because of the 'need to know', I go out of my way to make sure you have expert information and guidance.  Here are some of the first things you'll want you to know:

  • I won't "sell you" on any particular home.  Actually, you'll discover which home is right for you after seeing all the best choices .
  • You'll learn about first-time-home-buyer financing programs.
  • You'll be shown all the required documents needed to make a purchase.
  • You'll use my special checklists designed to help avoid pitfalls.
  • You'll have access to my first-time-home-buyers library.
  • I'll help you attain the most favorable price negotiations. 
  • You'll be surrounded by many of my experts who enjoy working with first-time buyers just as much as I do (financing, title, inspections, more).
  • You'll use the best and latest technology to help with the home search process.
  • And, I'll do all that is reasonably possible to provide you with more than you expected from a real estate professional.


First Time Home Buyers Guarantee

If you're not delighted with my services... I'll gladly introduce you to some top competitors!  That's a service pledge you may not find elsewhere, but I won't allow that happen anyway.


Special Financing For First Time Home Buyers

You'll get the most current information about down payment assistance programs in the Denver Metro area. Remember, some of these financing programs don't always have funds immediately available, so I need to make your reservation as soon as possible.  If you miss a window of opportunity, you'll have to wait-list your funding application, so don't delay!


No More First Time Buyer Fears - Video




Call Mike Today

Allow me to service your first time home buyer needs with a fast and easy visit at my office.  We have 3 convenient locations around town to serve you, and I also make house calls.  The sooner you act, the sooner you'll be owning your very first home.  

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Michael Dagner is an expert in Denver-Area home sales.
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