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Buy A Home With $100 Down?

Yes You Can!

hud 100 down

Some of the myths circulating out there about buyers needing tens of thousands of dollars to buy a home, just aren't true.  Many home shoppers can still Buy A Home For $100 Down!

Qualifying for a mortgage loan can be more time consuming in these days of tight credit, but lenders continue to make loans every day of the week.

If you've previously owned a home, are currently renting, or you're a first-time home buyer looking to break into the housing market, the good news is that there are some very desirable programs and options out there, which can put you into a home of your own, without much cash at all.

Did You Know..

  • That there are many government owned properties available to purchase with only $100 down, and your closing costs may be paid for you?
  • That there are innovative ways to help you obtain the down payment and closing costs to buy a home, offered by most other sellers?
  • That if you were previously a homeowner, but haven't owned a home in the past 3 years, you may now qualify for special financing programs that only first-time buyers are eligible for?
  • That zero down payment loans are available for veterans?
  • That family gifts are permitted on FHA loans, allowing many buyers to get into a home without any money down of their own?
  • That multiple agencies in Colorado offer loan grants and subsidies to help reduce a buyers' out of pocket expenses to less than 1% of the purchase price on non-HUD, private seller, bank, or foreclosure properties?

How Do I Begin

You can begin by asking yourself whether you're ready to buy a house?  If so, carefully calculate how much you can afford for a maximum monthly mortgage payment. 

After you've answered these two important questions, you'll want to request a free copy of this special article we've prepared entitled "Buy A Home For $100 Down - And Get Closing Costs Too."  Be sure to get your FREE copy.  Simply fill out the easy form below, to retrieve this helpful article. Then, just check your email.

For Calendar Year 2013

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY:  HUD has announced that they are discontinuing the $100-down program for 2013.  Call us for info on current opportunities with HUD Homes for this calendar year!

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