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July Gardening Tips - Colorado

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Keep your yard and garden in top shape with these timely and seasonal gardening tips.


  • Always water the most desirous and valuable plants first, each morning.

  • Apply mulch in all rose gardens to help irrigation and to choke out weeds.

  • Ornamental plants grow best in acidic soils. Apply an acidic organic mulch for best results.

  • Deadhead annuals to encourage new growth and more vibrant plants and color.

  • Spruce up the garden by removing fallen leaves and dead garden material. This will help reduce garden pests.

  • De-weed to provide maximum irrigation to garden plants.

  • Pinch-back asters no later than mid July. Garden mums and chrysanthemums, too.

  • Deadhead spring-flowering plants and shrubs (lilacs, azaleas, rhododendrons).

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