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Posted by AILEENNoel on
Houses and cars are quite expensive and not every person can buy it. Nevertheless, personal loans was invented to aid people in such kind of hard situations.
Posted by alison rodriguez on
I wanted to see if the $100 down is still available in colorado.
Posted by Yolanda on
Im interested in buying a hud home . Im tired of renting. Im on a fixed incomedue to my disability. I would like information on what qualifies me to buy a home.
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HUD Homes - $100 Down

Jan 08, 2011

Effective Immediately!  HUD has announced that they are discontinuing the $100-down program in 2013.  For more information about current opportunities with HUD Homes, call today!

Updated: January 2013

We have just received word that HUD has reinstated the $100 down program.  HUD buyers may also qualify for "Good Neighbor Next Door" financing.  Existing contracts that have already been approved for $100 down, will be honored.  Contact Us For The Latest Guidelines

With the exception of the down payment change, most of the other HUD program rules haven't changed at all.  If you are interested in purchasing a HUD Home, please contact us for the latest program rules and guidelines.

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