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Rent Versus Buy

Don't Pay Another Nickel
To Your Landlord

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Renting vs Buying Costs

Home prices always appear high, especially to first-time home buyers.  But the real cost of renting versus buying is often more than you'd think, especially after you factor-in the tax and other benefits of home-ownership.  


Homes Acquire Value

As a general rule homes appreciate over time, with the occasional exception of those temporary economic cycles when we see home prices drop, albeit briefly. 

Buying a home allows you to build equity and value the old fashioned way, by paying down a mortgage.  Over time, the majority of homeowners create a very nice nest egg for themselves by owning a home.  


Making Your Landlord Rich

The other option is to send all of that rent money to the landlord, who'll only use it to build multiple nest eggs for him or herself. 


Today's Low Rates

With the current combination of historic low interest rates and favorable tax treatment for homeowners, these two important aspects of home ownership have merged to allow many renters to become homeowners instead.


Build Wealth That Renters Cannot

Are you are like many other renters who feel frustrated forking over many thousands of dollars just to rent, knowing that the home or apartment you're in, isn't ever going to be yours?  Stop paying your landlord's mortgage and start building your own nest egg.  

Stop wasting your paycheck on rent. Call Mike @ (303) 514-4000 and make an appointment to discuss your opportunities to buy a home.  Do it right now!

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by Michael Dagner: Google+