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Investment Real Estate Opportunities

Are Investors Buying-Up Denver?

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As our financial markets recover and with the continuing rock bottom mortgage interest rates and prices, owning and investing in affordable Denver area properies is getting noticed by more and more potential investors.  And, because the rental market in the Denver area is so favorable right now, investors are locking up as much inventory as they can.

Market Recovery

With each recessionary cycle comes opportunity.  While Denver experienced its share of foreclosure activity and property price declines, real estate values never plummeted here in Denver, like in many of the sunbelt cities. 

Investors Smell Opportunity

In Denver and along the Front Range cities, our foreclosures appear to get "absorbed" as soon as they come available.  In 2011, we actually experienced some of the lowest inventory levels the Denver area housing market has seen over the past 5 years.  Those who act today are likely to put themselves in a great position to retain their investments for the long haul. 

Will Prices Catch Up With Inflation

While Denver still remains in the midst of a housing recovery for upper-end homes and new construction, the cost of materials, land, and labor continue to rise.  In 5-10 years, it's hard to imagine that Denver home prices will not have rebounded well above where they are today.  As a matter of fact, we've already been noticing a climb in Denver home prices (graphs and charts).

Your Best Criteria For Determining Investment Potential Of A Neighborhood Or Property

  • Are homes priced below market value (foreclosures, fixers, short-sale)?
  • Can I buy property that is structurally sound, and well maintained?
  • How plentiful is the real estate to public transportation and other amenities?
  • Does the property have spaciousness and offer renters value?
  • Does the property have low maintenance costs, and reasonable utilities?

Is Real Estate Right For Your Portfolio?

As a Denver property consultant, we encourage you to consider your long-term options with the above in mind before making other investment choices.

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Three Questions To Contemplate

  • Do I need favorable tax treatment to shelter present or future income?
  • Do I want to build assets that generate future cash flow to live on?
  • Do I need assets to leverage future expenses of children, college, or businesses?

Thoughts About Investing In Denver Real Estate?

With all the continuing tax breaks given to investment real estate, your ability to create a valuable asset to leverage other long-term investments, loans, and business ventures, is unmatched by most other investment options. 

Allow Us To Assist You Today

If you'd like to learn more about Investment Real Estate Opportunities in the Denver market, simply fill out the easy form below, or call us at (303) 514-4000 for quicker service.  We look forward to visiting with you!

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