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Lost Home Sale Escrows And Deposits

Money Owed But Misplaced After The Closing

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Many people lose track of money they're entitled to after the home closing.  Are you one of them?  If so, learn more about Lost Home Sale Escrows And Deposits, below. 

Some Lose Thousands

You may be entitled to refunds or rebates from several sources.  In some case, these refunds can exceed many thousands of dollars.  Just ask any title officer, mortgage servicing department, or real estate brokerage about the unclaimed monies they've held within their escrow accounts after property closings, or from refinanced loans. 

Refunds Await Claimants

Where do you think all of the misplaced, lost, or forgotten assets come from that many state treasurers acquire in their unclaimed property coffers?  Many of these funds come from real estate transactions.  

How Mistakes Occur

When you close your real estate transaction, multiple escrows are either created or are already in place for a whole array of accounting purposes.  The escrows can be for water bills, repairs, taxes, insurance, earnest monies, mortgage insurance premiums, or various other security deposits associated with the transaction. 

Money That Is Forgotten

What happens with those misplaced funds next, is that many are just plain lost or misfiled.  Defective forwarding addresses of the sellers or buyers can also be a likely culprit.  And without a foolproof system to prompt or remind the sellers or buyers after their closings, these monies are entirely forgotten about and lost in the system.  

Our Reminder Checklist

To avoid losing track of monies due to you, we've put together a system of important reminders that will help you know the status of all your escrows, refunds, and rebates, so you can keep track of every dime you're entitled to after settlement. 

To get a FREE copy of our valuable checklist entitled "Home Sale Escrows And Deposits - Keeping Track Of Your Money", simply fill out the easy form below.  Then, be sure to check your email.

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