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Lower Downtown / LODO

lodo downtown building architectureLODO is one of the more robust downtown areas in the country, and the 10th largest in the nation.  With over 100 restaurants, 30 art galleries, outdoor cafes, eateries, numerous loft apartments, clubs and boutiques, the neighborhood bordered by the Platte River, Speer Boulevard, 23rd Street and Lawrence Street has been transformed unlike any other in all Denver neighborhoods. In the frontier days this area was known as the Market Street red-light district, and in the 1970s a warehouse center.  Today, LoDo epitomizes ideal urban living.  It is home to museums, galleries, the performing art center and Denver Pavillions, amusement parks, and popular Coors field and the Pepsi center.  Search homes in LODO.  Search all Denver homes.

 LODO map

LODO map



lowry architectureOnce a working Air Force base until the mid 1990's, Lowry Field has been transformed into a moderate to upscale mixed-use community designed for people who want a new home but still desire the urban experience.. The idea behind Lowry was to take an existing urban area, give it new life and avoid adding to the problem of urban sprawl. Lowry has been so successful that it received the Governor's Award for Smart Growth and has become a model community for urban-infill projects across the country.  Lowry features about 800 acres of open space and recreational amenities, that is just minutes from the Cherry Creek shopping district. Among the remnants of Lowry AFB's presence in this beautiful community are two massive hangars that are home to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, and the Big Bear ice arena.  Search homes in Lowry.  Search all Denver homes.

 Lowry map

Lowry map

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