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Denver Neighborhoods - Uptown, North Capitol Hill, and Washington Park


Uptown / North Capitol Hill

uptown architectureOften referred to as Uptown, North Capitol Hill is one of the 'center city' Denver neighborhoods, near downtown Denver. Uptown, is widely recognized as being a gay friendly neighborhood, however, the neighborhood has a diverse population similar to that of surrounding neighborhoods, Five Points and Capitol Hill, which cannot be defined by a single demographic. Currently, Uptown is undergoing significant redevelopment and gentrification, with many young residents and transplants populating the apartments and homes that frequent the area. North Capitol Hill is bordered by 20th Ave on the north, Park Ave on the northeast, Downing St on the east, Colfax Ave on the south, and Broadway on the west.  Search homes in Uptown.  Search all Denver homes.

 Uptown - North Capitol Hill map

Uptown map


Washington Park

washington park neighborhoodThe neighborhood of Washington Park began to establish itself soon after the founding of Denver in the mid to late 1800s. Development hastened with the creation of its large park, in 1899. Most of the houses in Wash Park were constructed of brick, and built between 1900 and the 1940s. In more recent times, Wash Park has become one of the most popular Denver neighborhoods because of its urban and central location, and its amenities and size.  The sheer popularity of Washington Park has led to the transformation of quite a number of surrounding neighborhoods.  There are several popular retail enclaves included in the Wash Park area, such as the shops on Old South Gaylord St, and South Pearl Street.  Search homes in Washington Park.  Search all Denver homes.

 Washington Park map

Washington_Park map

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