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Denver Neighborhoods - Sloan's Lake & Stapleton


Sloan's Lake

sloans lake architectureTwo connected lakes comprise Sloan's Lake's 177 acres, which makes it the focal point of the neighborhood, and is the second largest park in Denver.  The Sloan's Lake neighborhood is bordered by West 29th Avenue and Sheridan on the western edge of the city, and is primarily a residential area with the majority of its homes being built in the 1920s and 30s. Typical activities at Sloan's Lake include hiking, jogging and bicycling on the trails and sidewalks that surround the lake, and fishing and boating.  Smaller enclaves of turn-of-the-century denver neighborhoods also exist in nearby historic districts, including an eclectic mix of residences just south of Colfax Avenue, which reflect the beautiful architectural styles of the era. Sloan's Lake is believed to be an accidental man-made lake, and a commonly accepted legend suggests that the homesteader dug a well on the land, inadvertently tapping into an underground aquifer, which flooded thereby creating these two lakes.  Search homes in Sloans Lake.  Search all Denver homes.

Sloan Lake map

Sloan_Lake map



stapleton architectureStapleton International Airport was Denver's primary airport location from 1929 to 1995. In 1995, Stapleton was replaced by Denver International Airport. Stapleton, has since been decommissioned, and redeveloped as one of the newest and most popular of Denver  neighborhoods. This former airport site is presently being redeveloped as the largest new urbanist project in the United States. Construction began in 2001, and as of 2004 over a thousand homes have been built on the Stapleton site. The new community is zoned for residential and commercial development, including office parks and "big box" shopping centers. Stapleton is by far the largest neighborhood in the city of Denver and an eastern portion of the redevelopment site lies in the neighboring city of Aurora. Eventually, Stapleton is expected to be home to at least 30,000 residents, four schools and 2 million square feet of retail.  Search homes in Stapleton.  Search all Denver homes.

 Stapleton map

Stapleton map

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